My Story


My earliest food memories are of sitting in our den, next to my dad,  watching "Julia Child" on the television. At my home, when friends came  over, instead of playing house like the other little girls, we played  "Restaurant". I had an amazing toy kitchen set up in our basement  complete with an "Easy Bake Oven" and all of my mini cooking equipment.   

After  the arrival of my first son Alexander, I turned on the television and  "BOOM" there was "The Food Network". This was a pivotal moment in my  life, even though at the time I did not realize it. 

My  passion then led to an obsession with cooking, and my journey to  becoming a chef was born. I quickly started cooking for all of our  family holidays, which led to dinner and cocktail parties for family and  friends. I continued to hone my skills in my own kitchen, working very  hard to perfect my own original recipes.   

Many years had passed, and my second son Jake was born. Countless days and nights spent in the kitchen, paid off. I am very proud to say that I have been cooking professionally for more than 15 years now as a personal chef.

 I Specialize in food allergy cooking, private cooking lessons, special occasion parties and corporate catered luncheons.

I have also been very involved in the 'Farm to Fork Movement' as well. By utilizing Local Seasonal ingredients.