Cooking Lessons and Parties

Do you offer hands on or just demonstrations classes?

 Most of the classes are demonstration, however, I do offer participants the opportunity to practice the technique if they so choose.  If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate a full hands-on course, I'd be happy to discuss it with you (extra charges may apply, plus you will need to provide additional equipment, such as knives, cutting boards, aprons, chef hats/party accessories, etc.)

Do you do children parties?

 Yes I do! Once a year the stress hits … what kind of party will you throw for your kid’s birthday? But no need to stress this year - a kids’ cooking party combines all of the ingredients for a fun-filled, memorable birthday. Blend in yummy kid-made food, add a generous helping of fun, and you have the recipe for the best-ever kids’ cooking party sure to please any age. Children Parties include a hands on fun experience and the cost of ingredients 

How much do classes cost?

 Most classes are $55-$75 per person, with a 6-person minimum (groceries are included).  Classes for individuals or couples are available for $100/hour with a 2-hour minimum, plus the cost of groceries. 

What is the minimum and maximum?

 Most classes require a minimum of six people, although I do offer classes for individuals and couples.  The maximum number depends on the size of your kitchen, however, I've found that classes are most effective with 12 people or fewer.